Nightworld 2010


Nightworld 2010


Nightworld 2010


Nightworld 2010


first fridays


first fridays


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Street Musicians




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Mardi Gras

Photo Details: Canon S90, ISO640 ƒ2.0 1/60

On a bone-chillingly cold Tuesday night, several hundred people, colorful costumery and a raucous and rough collection of party floats assembled beneath yellow arc lighting to begin the Krewe de Maximon’s annual Mardi Gras parade. The revelers caroused through the dimly lit streets, their staccato laughter, antics and pyrotechnic displays slowing traffic through the middle of the urban Crossroads area. Their parade path cut straight down 18th street from the westernmost part of this hip art district, through dark and shuttered art galleries, diners and bars to the Mutual Musicians Foundation. This joint in Kansas City’s jazz district has been in continuous operation since 1928 and is the birthplace of Kansas City style jazz. Amidst the spirits and portraits of KC jazz artists like Charlie Parker, Count Basie and Lester Young, the Mardi Gras revelers danced to the afro-beat funk of Hearts of Darkness.




The Bride Grew Impatient

I love New York. Strolling through the neighborhood streets of Tribeca, walking past trendy cool boutiques along back alleys; great bars that appear to spring up overnight to great success and then are gone just as suddenly. The swooshing cars and screeching tires of traffic; streets busy with people at all hours, steam curling from manholes.

Weddings seem to occur spontaneously.

Walking down a busy sidewalk in the middle of the day, one suddenly catches a flash of white through the crowd. Walk a little faster and it’s an entire wedding party, bridesmaids and bride alike dressed in white. Men in starched shirts and crisp ties. Limousines parked at the curb. Photographers looking for opportune shots. They are rushing to the church, or photo session or reception. Walking hurriedly down the sidewalk, parting the crowds, starkly beautiful amidst the uniformity, then blending into them, until they disappear from view.

Wedding Party

We ran into a wedding party in Central Park, on Bow bridge near the lake. The park is a popular place for weddings and wedding parties for obvious reasons–the beauty of the trees, water and bridges make for spectacular locations for a ceremony.

Central Park Lake

The bridge was strewn with rose petals, the wedding attendees, musicians, bridesmaids and parents all standing and waiting for some unnamed guest who was just a little late.

Bow Bridge Wedding

As groups of people enjoying the park’s fall air thronged past, the bride grew impatient…..

The Bride Grew Impatient

We didn’t stay long enough to see whether anyone finally arrived in the nick of time, but for me that late autumn afternoon, the dynamic city and the antsy bride are three things that continue to define New York.