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The 88 Records “Love is the Thing” Using Only Their iPhone

Great example of how creativity doesn’t require sophisticated and dedicated hardware to be unleashed:


I feel strangely calm and have a strong desire to buy the entire TJ Hooker collection on Blu-Ray.

The Evolution of the Mashup

Ophir Kutiel aka "Kutiman"

Ophir Kutiel aka Kutiman

Most technologists are familiar with the term “mashup” as it is used to describe the collision of capabilities across applications. But like any other term that originated in technology this can also be applied to other domains, whether art, music or even food. I really loved this example in music. It is pure genius.

Ophir Kutiel or Kutiman, as he is known on, is an Israeli musician who has harvested videos of music and other sounds and has reassembled them into new tunes. Sampling and mixing is nothing new. It is the basis for DAW software like ProTools, the music industry standard, or Apple’s Logic Pro. However, finding the source of digitized sounds in the videos that others have made is a new twist that one might liken to the “found art” that was fashioned into assemblages by the Dadaists.

The Fountain by R Mutt aka Marchel Duchamp

The Fountain by R Mutt

The fact that this recycling of a concept from visual art is in itself a mashup between art and music and that parallels might exist between the vast wasteland of user generated video on and the discarded object that R Mutt (aka Marcel Duchamp) labeled “The Fountain” (figuratively and literally both might be considered by some to be from the same room in the house) adds to the cleverness of this approach. There is an aspect of self-awareness in the disdain for convention in the work of the Dadaists that distinguishes it from Kutiman’s ouevre, though the latter does not suffer at all from this. Kutiman’s sincerity is apparent in his introduction to his music and that this isn’t conveyed as a sort of inside joke makes it a more genuine work of musical art.